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The fans have spoken about Project Flex
Based on the feedback and comments posted all over social media using #ProjectFlex the first camp was a tremendous success. Here are what a couple of fans had to say…
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My first Project Flex camp experience
My first Project Flex camp is in the books! I am so excited to share this flextraordinary opportunity with the fans. On New Year’s Eve, I signed a lease on an empty 10,000 sq ft warehouse space in Boca Raton. I took a video, walking through the building and had a call with my Brand Manager. He and I had been up late one night after the Nationals in November, having shot footage for the 60 Seconds with Flex tip of the week videos earlier in the day. We were discussing what it would be like to have our own gym to shoot in, train in and conduct business out of.
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60 Seconds with Flex | Dumbbell Presses Off Floor
IFBB Pro Flex Lewis presents 60 Seconds with Flex. Today's tip is a Dumbell Press off the floor. Use 3-4 sets with 15-20 reps controlling the weight while squeezing the chest.
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Train with the Champ at Project Flex Camps
Reigning undisputed 3X Olympia 212 Champion, IFBB Pro Flex Lewis and Flextraordinary Productions, Inc. are proud to present the PROJECT FLEX camp experience. These unique two-day camps will allow fans to get up close and personal with the champ as he shares what it takes to #BeFlextraordinary, featuring nutrition and training seminars, 1on1 instruction, autograph/photo opportunities, an exclusive sale in the Flextraordinary store, special guests (if available) and much more.
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60 Seconds with Flex | 3 Motion Seated Raises
Today's tip is a 3 Motion Seated Raises with IFBB Physique Pro Mark Anthony. Use 3-4 sets with 20 reps for each motion. Use light weight and concentrate on your form.
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2015 Arnold Expo is here
A year ago, I was heading to the airport to catch a flight to Columbus to compete in the first ever Arnold Classic 212. After shutting it down briefly following the 2013 Olympia and Prague, I dieted through the holidays and came to Ohio to win. Everything went according to plan. I won the first ever Arnold 212 and stood on stage with Arnold Schwarzenegger for a candid interview that I had been dreaming about since I was a kid.
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