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A Special Thank You!
This past weekend I spent my 31st birthday with my fans and friends at the NPC East Coast Championships in Wayne, NJ. Not only was it my birthday, but it was my last guest posing for the 2014 season. I chose this show for many reasons.
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Food Allergies, Part II
After coming home from vacation, for once I was actually looking forward to heading to the doctor to get part 1 of 3, of my food allergy results. I briefly mentioned in a recent blog that I decided to take the advice from my girlfriend Ali (an RDN in the state of Florida) to see to a holistic doctor. After some research she found a doctor that practiced both Eastern and Western medicines, which really allowed for the full scope to solve my chronic stomach issues.
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Food Allergies, Part I
Recently I was on the Mike Dolce Show. Listen to Episode 94 here for the full hour long interview here. Mike and I were discussing my Olympia prep, including the stomach issues I experienced on Friday and Saturday. Truthfully, I have experienced stomach problems since my first pro show in Tampa.
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That's 10 Straight Wins, NOT 11
I would like to set the record straight, as my team made an honest mistake! The 2011 British Grand Prix was held before the Olympia. In 2012, the British was hosted after the Olympia. Originally, my team made a mistake thinking the 2011 British was after the Olympia which would make 11 straight wins, but its 10 straight. Let me break it down for you.
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My Birthday at the NPC East Coast 11/15
So for my birthday, I committed to support my good friends Maz Ali and Steve Weinberger by guest posing at the NPC East Coast Championships in Wayne, NJ. Come on out, make some noise...
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Men Against Breast Cancer
They were a rock for my mother and our family. I can say that although the battle is over for our family, the need to give back and be involved is still present.
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