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Meet The Olympians
I always strive to give my fans the best experience with me as possible. I want nothing more than for my fans to walk away with a great story to go back and tell everyone about.
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Bowling Ali's Birthday
Check out the Next Episode of Flex Files:Bowling Ali's Birthday!
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FLEX FILES: A.L.S. Ice Bucket Challenge
I quickly contacted my team and we set out to find out this question on ALS, needless to say after a few short minutes I knew I was not only participating but also donating.....
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William Bonac The New Giant Killer
Having a great placing at the his first show under the guidance of Neil Hill, placing 2nd at the Australia Pro show where many thought he could of won, later went on to win the Sacramento Pro
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Will Flex Stay or Will he Go?
Check out this video of Dennis James catching up with Neil Hill at the 2014 Tampa Pro talking about Flex's future in the 212lb Division!
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9 Weeks Out Teaser Video
Flex Lewis 9 weeks out from Joe Weider's 50th Anniversary of the Mr.Olympia Contest!
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