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NBC Sports and Bodybuilding?
American Media, Inc. (AMI) and NBC Sports Group today announced a partnership to televise the 2014 Mr. Olympia contest on NBCSN. The partnership will feature two 90-minute telecasts of the 50th annual Mr. Olympia where three-time champion Phil Heath will defend his title at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.
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Flex dominates first ever 212 Arnold in Columbus!
Columbus, OH: Watch Flex dominate the Arnold stage for the first time ever in the 2014 212 Arnold Classic on the Bodybuilding.com webcast replay of the Friday night finals.
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On my way to the first 212 Arnold
I am sitting here in the airport waiting to board the plane for Columbus for the first ever 212 Arnold. After 6 Olympia 202/212 Showdowns, I am thrilled that the Arnold Sports Festival are putting on the 212 class...
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Sunday March 9th, SuperGym Seminar with Flex Lewis at FitX Australia
Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Australia: At FitX 2014 you can now not only hear your favorite athlete talk on their training techniques and principles, but you can watch them train in the all new SuperGym including Flex Lewis.
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2X Olympia 212 Champ Signs with BSN
BSN®, the global leader in sports nutrition, recently announced IFBB pro, reigning 2X Olympia 212 Champion James “Flex” Lewis, as the latest addition to Team BSN, the company’s elite roster of athletes.
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Peter McGough, The Day I Told Flex To Pack In Bodybuilding
These peepers watched Rich Gaspari, true to his Dragonslayer nickname storm the bodybuilding heights to earn three consecutive Mr. Olympia runner-up spots by age 25. He was more blue collar than a steel town tavern on Superbowl night and a hard ass in every sense of the word...
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