2014 NPC Nationals, Congratulations Dom!

24 November, 2014

Dom with his parents at Nationals

This weekend past weekend I went the 2014 NPC Nationals in Miami. I attended both days, including the prejudging on Friday and finals on Saturday. Everyone keeps asking how I felt about the show overall –personally the Nationals was an amazing experience. The venue was great, from the judging, to the stage setup as well as backstage. It was well run, as I had all-access behind the curtains to how everyone worked together as one. Mad respect to the team behind the Nationals.

As a show promoter, the calm you see from the stage, is not what normally goes on behind the scenes, but in this case even though they had close to 1000 athletes it was a well run ship!

It was mentioned on a few social media channels that the conditioning of the guys were not on par, and yes I agree, speaking solely on the class I know –Bodybuilding. I seen around 5-6 guys who really impressed me on conditioning. I am not sure if some of these guys were trying to come in big or playing a “numbers on the scale” game, but it just didn’t work. It’s a shame as there were guys who had the ability to make the first callout and even win, but didn’t do so for whatever reason. All of them followed up with an excuse, “I was holding water” or “I spilled over.” No buddy, you was just out of shape.

I don’t understand guys who have been competing for years who also call themselves coaches who can’t get in shape themselves. Guys it’s not that hard KISS diet!! I don’t try recreating the wheel, its basics dig deep and suffer.

Then you have Dominick Cardone, a kid all of 21 years old in his first-ever NPC National show whose goal was to break into Top 5. After seeing each competitor come out in the Heavyweight class, I started to feel like he was going to take this. His structure and conditioning although lacking maturity smashed everyone. That aside respect to the dark places he had to go through to come in looking like that. When the first callout was made he was still standing towards the back of the stage not thinking he made it. His number was then called out. He ran out to the end of the lineup smiling, only to be moved stage center after a few mandatory poses. Those in attendance witnessed his excitement on being in the center of the first callout. His dream was now a reality, as he smiled and pumped his fist in between each shot. Rarely ever do you see an athlete in any sport really take in the moment like that. The next day, I noticed a more confident Dom came back on stage to battle, mentally ready, age was not a factor. He came prepared, it was great to be there for his win becoming the world’s youngest IFBB pro. Sharing a pro win at a young age myself, I know all about that feeling, about having your name being called out and becoming a NEW IFBB Pro.

I felt a lot of excitement seeing him win. He is a humble hard working kid, who owns a supplement store in Brooklyn. During his prep, he also helped support his mom through her own battle after being diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. I’m sure his mom was the main driving force behind his motivation and something I can relate to as well. Now this man stands the newest and youngest addition to the IFBB. I want to welcome him into the pro ranks along with all the new pros. Whatever Dom decides to do next, I want to be the first one to wish him all the best on his success. Congratulations Dom!


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