60 Seconds with Flex

13 January, 2015

60 Seconds with Flex

A few days ago, a good friend of mine had the opportunity to speak to a room full of people about the fitness industry. With a number of competitors and personal trainers in the room interested in being brand ambassadors, he told them it was their responsibility to teach others what they know, to spread the message of health and fitness using Instagram as a platform. He suggested that each of them spend 60 seconds a day, helping someone at the gym that is noticably doing something wrong. If you are part the pop culture society on Instagram, you’ll find tons of photos and videos posted with people doing crazy exercises that don’t make any sense and you’ll find twice as many people laughing at them. What if each one of those people took 60 seconds to help someone, instead of laughing, shaking their head or ignoring them all together?

It really made me think and is the inspiration for my new tip-of-the-week videos series titled “60 SECONDS WITH FLEX.” Each week, on the homepage of my website you will find a new 60 second video that shows a detailed training tip or technique. I recently met up with my friend Mark Anthony, the first Olympia Physique Champion, to shoot a handful of tips to get this started. In the future, I will be other IFBB Pro athletes like Dallas McCarver, Guy Cisternino as well as friends outside the bodybuilding industry. Let’s face it, there are a tremendous amount of people in the world that are interested in proper nutrition and training methods, but are not educated in how to. These easy-to-follow tips will show proper form and include a recommended number of sets and reps to follow for each exercise –and it’s only going to take you 60 seconds a week to learn something you can share with others.

Furthermore, if you are reading this and are educated in proper training, I CHALLENGE YOU to #BeFlextraordinary by taking 60 seconds of your time, at least once a week to help someone at the gym. Instead of ignoring their poor form or improper use of a machine, turn a negative into a positive and show them the right way. What if everyone here that understands proper training techniques took the challenge? Together, everyone can spread the message of health and fitness. That would #BeFlextraordinary

This Thursday, January 15th and every Thursday after, a new tip of the week will be posted to the homepage at www.FlexLewis.net so tune in. In the coming weeks, we will start taking suggestions or questions from the fans to be answered on video.

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