A Flextraordinary Christmas

28 December, 2014

2014-12-25 14.25.48

Every year I head home to Wales for Christmas to spend it with my family. This year marks a very special one for me.

Being that my family and some of my closest friends live so far away from me, I don't get the chance to celebrate special moments in my life with them until months later. Unknowing to me my mother decided to throw a surprise party for me to celebrate this past years success on stage. Needless to say I was very surprised, but more so that the surprise was actually kept as one lol.

I had a walk down memory lane seeing not only old friends, but even old teachers from grade school! It was truly a great way to kick start my trip home. All who have supported me from a far, to get them all under one roof was amazing. Great job by my family setting this up.

Every Christmas, my family and I have some traditions we like to stick to going back from as far as I can remember. They start on Christmas Eve with each of us getting a new set of Pajamas (something silly we done as kids but something we are still doing at 31) to wear to bed.

2014-12-25 08.33.26

The following morning we wake up early and the stockings that are hung on the back of the doors are full.

Old traditions still stand, my Dad will ring the circle of slay bells and we all line up walk down and each open up presents at the same time from "Santa" aka my mother and father. We exchange gifts and eat cereal from mini boxes before heading over to my uncle’s house. Similar traditions are held over there, by the time we get there it's time for all our gifts.

We head back to my parents home where my grandparents come over and we all enjoy a nice home cooked Christmas dinner. This year I felt the need to add an additional tradition –Ugly Sweater Christmas Dinner. We all had to find or make an ugly sweater to wear. This was a great challenge for me seeing that I can barely find normal clothes to fit lol. So luckily with the help of my mother and Ali, they somehow managed to find me a shirt and then decorated it.

2014-12-25 13.32.58

I couldn't find the jumper so a super undersize Tshirt has to do. Needless say it was a great Christmas morning and afternoon, but I had more planned for later that afternoon...

Watch the video and you'll see what I planned for sunset. A detailed account of the event will soon follow.

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