25 August, 2015

As I am approaching my three week out mark to Olympia I have been living by the word Aff4mation. To me it means asserting myself as the champ of the 212 lbs. division and something I plan to declare to be true when I walk on that stage as the 3X 212 lb Showdown Champ and walk off claiming a title I strive for: the 4X 212 lbs Showdown Champ.

As the definition states, Affirmation is to show a strong belief in or dedication to. With that said my vision of Aff4mation applies not only to my training and my drive for the fourth Olympia title, but it also applies to my relationships within business, my friendships and being humble but driven champion. My belief in myself and my abilities is what leads me to achieve. Nothing was handed to me I worked for it. My goal has always been to leave a legacy behind me. My new vlog series shows YOU, the fans, insight into how I push inside the gym and how I stay motivated through Aff4mation. Here is episode 1 of the series.

In support of my of my 2015 Olympia title defense, you can purchase an #AFF4MATION shirt in the Flextraordinary store. Buy now! Limited quantities, available while supplies last.


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