Flex repeats at the Olympia 212

16 February, 2014

Olympia_0534Las Vegas, NV: The 212 Showdown ended up being one of the most exciting events of the 2013 Olympia Weekend. What the class lacks in size compared to the open division, is more than made up for in conditioning.

The pre-judging lived up to the hype! The first call-out was a battle between Flex Lewis, Kevin English, Jose Raymond, and David Henry. The guys were repeatedly moved around by the judges and posed 3-4 times through the mandatories. Though Flex seemed to be the clear winner with notable improvements in his back, chest and throughout his physique, he was pushed to the outside of the lineup, both left and right unsure of his fate.

At the night show on the main Olympia stage, Flex Lewis had the most complete package. The legend of the Welsh Dragon continued as he was able to hold the pack at bay for a second year in a row and retain the 212 Showdown title. Dave Henry, while equally as conditioned, had to settle for second. He just doesn't have the flowing lines and structure Flex is blessed with.

At the Olympia Press Conference former champion Kevin English predicted he would take the title back. In the end, he just didn't have the condition or the aesthetics to match Flex or David and was relegated to a third place finish.

Jose Raymond did not come in with the razor-sharp condition the fans are accustomed to and fell in fourth place for the second year in a row. Brazil's Eduardo Correa took fifth, and the remaining 2014 Olympia qualification, with an impressive mix of size and condition.

Flex and long time Y3T trainer Neil Hill have teamed up to make it four wins in a row dating back to the 2012 Olympia 212 Showdown and promised to deliver a polished champion at the upcoming EVLs Prague Pro.

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IFBB Pro 212 Results

  1. Flex Lewis
  2. David Henry
  3. Kevin English
  4. Jose Raymond
  5. Eduardo Correa
  6. Sami Al-Haddad
  7. Guy Cisternino
  8. Troy Alves
  9. Ricky "Tricky" Jackson
  10. Mark Dugdale
  11. Al Auguste
  12. Raul Jimenez

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