Food Allergies, Part I

04 November, 2014

Food Allergies

Recently I was on the Mike Dolce Show. Listen to Episode 94 here for the full hour long interview here. Mike and I were discussing my Olympia prep, including the stomach issues I experienced on Friday and Saturday. Truthfully, I have experienced stomach problems since my first pro show in Tampa. I always thought that it was just prep and thought, just suck it up. More recently, its been getting worse. On Friday afternoon at the Olympia Expo, I laid down for a good 10-15 minutes while I was on a break signing at the BSN booth. Peter McGough came by to say hello and I could barely pull myself off the floor to greet him but it soon passed. After watching the webcast of the Mr. Olympia prejudging, I finally got some rest. When I woke up Saturday morning, I was really happy with my conditioning. Hard, dry and full, I was ready to show the judges and fans the improvements I had worked on in the off-season. Twenty minutes before prejudging started, my stomach started acting up again. During the comparison round, it was really killing me to the point where it affected my posing!

After prejudging, I met up with Neil to try to figure out why this keeps happening. As most coaches would say, suck it up. But I felt like there was something to it, like a food allergy –I remember thinking, I cant be allergic to white rice or am I? Going into the Olympia I had some issues, but I tend to use the old school method of ignoring the situation. Prior to the Olympia my girlfriend Ali, who recently earned her degree as a Registered Dietician, had been doing her research about the issues to see what type of tests I should go for following the Olympia and competition season. She deals with all kinds of patients with eating disorders and nutritional deficiency, so she was the first to recognize my stomach issues as a legit problem.

Two weeks ago, I went for some extensive testing and look forward to seeing the results, but right now I should be packing. After 4 competitions in less then a month, photoshoots, media, it's time for a vacation. As much as its hard for me to sit still, I am really looking forward to eating, drinking and relaxing in the sun. That’s exactly what we’re going to be doing by the time you read this, as for my food allergies I will suck it up now and learn more about it when I get the test results. Follow my blog later this month for an update. Until then #beFLEXtraordinary

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