Men Against Breast Cancer

15 October, 2014

In honor of this cause, Flextraordinary will donate a portion of all October sales from

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
I came across the “Men Against Breast Cancer” foundation when I was looking for an organization to get involved with because the topic is very close to my heart. For those of you who don’t know, my mother battled breast cancer twice and on both occasions has walked away victorious.

The battle wounds and mental scars left can sometimes be worse than going through the battle itself. I have a great close nit family and when my mother was going through her battle with breast cancer, everyone rallied around and was nothing but positive. Being stuck across the pond in the US, it was really hard for me because I couldn’t come home at the best of times. I could only get updates about her progress through text messages and phone calls to learn how my mother was really doing.

My father was a rock through all this. If any of us had known about this foundation during the process, it would have been a great benefit to him. I feel that I have great reach and through my networks I can shed some light on this foundation. The Men Against Breast Cancer foundation provides men with more understanding to help their spouse/sister/mother battling this disease without adding extra stress to their life.

I do have to thank one amazing charity back in Wales that personally helped my mother through all her doubts and kept her mentally strong – that is the Macmillan Foundation They were a rock for my mother and our family. I can say that although the battle is over for our family, the need to give back and be involved is still present. Here is a link to an interview at 2014 Body Power where I discuss my mother’s battle with cancer. Macmillan Foundation, I sincerely thank you for your help. My family and I are forever grateful for your efforts. With that said, I will be doing more for this charity in the future.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Flextraordinary Productions Inc. will donate a portion of all October sales from the Flex Lewis Store.

Now through midnight, Saturday October 18, 2014 –anyone who spends $60 or more in the Flex Lewis Store will get a free limited edition Breast Cancer shirt (enter code BCMEN at checkout) or women’s tank (enter code BCWOMEN at checkout). *Don’t forget to enter your size in the notes. Men L, XL, XXL and Women S, M, L.

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