Much To Be Thankful For

04 December, 2014

Here is a look at Thanksgiving with the Lewis and Rosen families. I have much to be thankful for.

December 1st, a few days after Thanksgiving and going on 3 weeks since I’ve trained. Before I get the messages- NO im not injured nor am I burned out, I am now at a stage where bodybuilding is my job, as well as passion, and with everything good, you need to step away from it all to realize things and miss them again….

Don’t get me wrong the gym is my haven so the first week was hard but now I am so busy that even thinking of a time to train is hard.

I’ve taken some time off every year since I was 19. It has allowed me to sit back and think of where I am in my life, assess my next steps, and enjoy what I’ve achieved, BUT more so give my body a break.

Prior to guest posing at the NPC East Coast Championships, I had a fully rested, calorie enriched week in the Bahamas which was my first week off and vacation since the earlier part of 2013.

I must confess I arrived to my hotel with a case full of BSN supplements, my gym bag and a burning desire to kill it in the gym. Two days into the vacation, I had checked out the gym, but still not stepped foot in it. I told myself time away was needed and although I still had upcoming shoots and a guest posing, the rest was doing my body and soul better than the % BF I was walking around at.

Coming back I felt bigger and leaner, maybe all the watered down drinks I consumed got to my head… lol.

When I got back, I had 3 days of shoots with BSN for their new 2015 PUSH campaign, followed by one day down time. Then a flight to NY, followed by a drive to Long Island to film for Steve Weinberger at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym for a new upcoming gym series to be broadcast on the Generation Iron Fitness Network. The next day I was thrown a birthday party by my East Coast family, followed by my guest appearance for Maz the day after that.

Needless to say keeping myself busy isn’t hard and that’s just one week! The following week was Nationals and everyone was in town along with filming my own in-house projects with Flextraordinary Productions. So as you can see, things never stop but I love it.

All in all, the down time away has been great. This week I will be back in the gym picking it up lightly. Come January, I be back in to it full force. I have a lot of amazing and great things about to kick-off in 2015, along with creating the BEST Flex Lewis on stage. Off stage my goal is to promote the sport as much as I can to a more mainstream audience. This task is big, but this down time is preparation for what’s to come.

Until next time… #BeFlextraordinary


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