On my way to the first 212 Arnold

27 February, 2014


I am sitting here in the airport waiting to board the plane for Columbus for the first ever 212 Arnold.

After 6 Olympia 202/212 Showdowns, I am thrilled that the Arnold Sports Festival are putting on the 212 class with so many fans who support this class to now be added to one of the greatest competitions in the world.

This prep I had the blessing to have Neil Hill with me. The guest room is always full at my house, but this house guest moved in for 5 weeks!! He changed up his schedule just to be here with me almost every day for the final 5 weeks of my prep. We changed a few things daily on the diet as we didn't live off photos for the first time in 5 years and adding in some new BSN supplements into my diet including the new carb product I've designed with them. Lots of great things happening, but nothing I endorse I that I wouldn't use on myself. Proof is in the pudding!!!

My weight was bang on yesterday, I’m drying out as we speak and I will be at my best ever when I take the stage on Friday.

I look forward to seeing my 212 family, Jose Raymond and David Henry as well as Guy Cisternino at the BSN booth. This weekend also marks the first time I will fly the flag for BSN. I’m excited about the opportunity and really look forward to meeting the fans on Saturday.

Don't forget we will have all the NEW shirts, hats and my NEW FLEX magazine Olympia DVD for sale that is being released this weekend!!!

I'm nervous and excited but I do know I am bringing a different look to the stage and have left NO STONE UNTURNED to have my hand raised in Columbus and have my name etched in the history. This is what I do and live for, and you guys the fans drive me beyond imagination.

Thanks for all the support.


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