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07 May, 2015

Based on the feedback and comments posted all over social media using #ProjectFlex the first camp was a tremendous success. Here are what a couple of fans had to say…

“As a bodybuilding/fitness enthusiast and fan of Flex Lewis, attending Project Flex was truly a life altering experience. Being able to meet Flex at an expo is one thing, but with the camp experience -Flex welcomes you into his ‘home,’ his private gym and his friends & family. As soon as you walk through the doors, a level of comfort and belonging overcomes you and you now see Flex as more than just the bodybuilder you admire, but you begin to see him as an equal. He exhibits class, professionalism, appreciation of his position, responsibility to fans and humility in everything he does. Project Flex is truly a representation of just that. What I took from this camp was how if you believe in yourself, your dreams, work hard to achieve them and always treat people with respect and humility, then you can truly achieve anything.” –Peter Rusted, Personal Trainer

“I had one of the best experiences ever at Project Flex. Great facility, had the opportunity to spend two days with Flex. He answered about of my questions about nutrition and training, but having the opportunity to workout with him was and truly is an honor. He is such a great person inside and out. I highly recommend Project Flex for anyone who loves the sport and wants to learn more about it.” –Zuleica Rezende, NPC Figure

"Project Flex was an amazing experience that I will remember forever. I had to travel from Mexico for it, but it was worth it. I couldn't be more motivated to take my bodybuilding journey to the next level thanks to all the knowledge given by the champ Flex Lewis and Candice Keene. I found out what it means to truly #BeFlextraordinary and every single fan should too." –Diego Gonzalez, Mexico

“I won a free ticket on Flex’s Facebook fan page! Being a part of the first Project Flex camp was a unforgettable experience. Getting to talk with Flex and seeing how humble he is, I loved every minute of it. Seeing his passion for the sport and how hard he trains definitely motivates me to follow my goals and dreams of being a pro bodybuilder one day." –Alex Rodriguez, Facebook Winner

“As an aspiring bodybuilder, I really enjoyed meeting Flex Lewis and his crew. I appreciated all the time he and Candice Keene took to share their stories and show us a few tips when training in the gym. I look forward to learning more about bodybuilding and what it takes to be successful. They have inspired me to stay committed to my fitness goals.” –Wanda Santos, Ohio

“I had a great time at the camp learning and meeting others that are also enthusiastic about fitness, lifting, and competing. Whether you're a pro or an amateur, you can always learn something from those who are more experienced, and who better than the reigning Olympia 212 Champ!? Great advice, tips, workout ideas, and motivation that I will take with me through this season and many more!” –Natalie Graziano

The next camp date is May 30-31st. Tickets are limited and available first come, first serve. You don’t want to miss the next camp as the Champ is already fast at work to bring in additional special guests to maximize the camp experience.

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