Tips: Posing/Music

29 August, 2014

One thing I'm always questioned about is how I go about choosing posing music for my routines and which poses I'm going to display. Here is a little insight into the process of how I do this.


First, I choose which poses I do that are going to best display my physique for the particular show or event. That is the main thing I try to communicate with up and coming bodybuilders. At each show I've ever done, I always strive to bring a bigger, better physique to the stage, with that comes changes to my posing so that I can show off my improvements. With the advancements in technology and YouTube I'm always able to go back to the archives and watch videos of the greatest posers that ever lived. Although I have my own style, a lot of my inspiration comes from the legends before me such as Lee Labrada, Kevin Leverone, Shawn Ray, Milos Sarcev.

The same goes with posing music. For example, now I'm coming into shows much more full and with the goal of keeping my extreme conditioning. Therefore, I try to pick out music that is very impactful, making a statement with a more fast paced routine. Where as the shows when I was coming up in the ranks, I would still choose impactful moving music, but the beat would be at a much slower pace to show off symmetry, proportions and lines. I also try and keep my routines entertaining by adding sound bits.I've used sound bits from old Rocky and Arnold films, they are all used for motivation and correctly timed in by a professional music tech to make the music

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