Limited Edition "HI5TORY" Mouthguard


Limited Edition "HI5TORY" Mouthguard

Limited Edition "HI5TORY" Mouthguard
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Created in collaboration with DC Mouthguards to commemorate Flex Lewis' 5th Mr. Olympia title!

Extreme Impact Mouthguard - Includes Shock Pads & Carry Case - $15,000 Limited Dental Warranty Price: $29.99

This mouthguard was designed with Damage Control standards in mind: Tight fit, comfort and ultimate protection. 

The Extreme Impact Mouthguard is fabricated with a two part process with built in Damprotech™ shock pads. These reinforcement pads add extra protection to your teeth and jaw, and are made out of the most shock absorbing material in the market.

Our Extreme Impact Mouthguard comes with a durable hardshell ventilated carrying case, and a $15,000 Limited Dental Warranty.


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