Project Flex


Reigning undisputed 5X Mr.Olympia 212 Champion, IFBB Pro Flex Lewis and Flextraordinary Productions, Inc. are proud to present the return of PROJECT FLEX camp experience. These unique two-day camps will allow fans to get up close and personal with the champ as he shares what it takes to #BeFlextraordinary, featuring nutrition and training seminars, 1on1 instruction, autograph/photo opportunities, an exclusive sale in the Flextraordinary store, special guests (if available) and much more. Each camp is subject to change as Flex and his team improves the fan experience. Special guests will be added to complete the experience and the format will change to accommodate the guest(s).


Tickets are limited!

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All ticket sales are final and non-refundable.


Please note this is just an example of what the schedule could look like. The final camp schedule will be given to you upon arrival to the camp.


  • 9am — Project Flex and the Flextraordinary store opens (visitors registration and receive free sample pack, coffee and refreshments, sample  products may be handed out for you to try.)
  • 10am — Opening Introductions (rules, staff, review format)
  • 10:15am — Flex Lewis Story (life story, winning, what does it mean to #BeFlextraordinary)
  • 11am — Nutrition Seminar with Q&A session (food allergies, on-season/off-season, contest-prep, making good decisions, traveling)
  • 11:30am — Break (coffee, pictures w/ Flex, smoothies, talk to vendors)
  • 12pm — Believe to Achieve Philosophy (how Flex does things)
  • 12:45pm — Raffle drawings
  • 1pm — Lunch
  • 2pm — Group Training Seminar in the Gym with Flex
  • 4:30pm — Gym opens for open training session (everyone invited to train, store is open)
  • 6pm — Open train ends. Project Flex is closed for the day.


  • 9am–11am — Project Flex "Open Training" session for all campers. Store is open.
  • 10am – Typically Flex will bring Cosmo, his American Bully, by the warehouse to meet the camp and take photos.
  • 12pm – Flex may opt to train during this time. No campers will be allowed to train or take photos during his workout.

Below are some more details about what to expect at these camps.

Flextraordinary Store

The store will be open the whole time during the camp with staff who can assist you. This is a great opportunity to shop the Flextraordinary store for merchandise and accessories, right at your fingertips. The merchandise will range from older things that are no longer able for purchase from the website to some brand new gear. Keep in mind that all of the items are also available at discounted price during the camp. Don't miss your chance to stock up!

Prizes and Raffle Tickets

Thanks in part to a handful of great sponsors, no one leaves PROJECT FLEX empty handed. As each visitor signs in, you will be handed a drawstring bag full of samples and promo items. Each bag is stuffed by Flextraordinary staff and will include a combination of protein bars, shakers, supplements or a t-shirt. Our goal is to make them different each time. At sign in, you will also be handed a raffle ticket to enter to win even more prizes.

Raffle items may include an iPod, headphones, gift certificates, shakers, Flextraordinary t-shirts, lifting belt, lifting straps, a combination prize pack or an autographed limited edition 18"x 24"photograph only available exclusively at Project Flex. Place your ticket in the bag for the prize you are interested in, then Flex or Ali will pick winners for each prize at the break.

Food and Refreshments

During the lunch break, Project Flex will supply a buffet style lunch with healthy, quick and simple meals. This typically includes a grilled chicken dish, a vegetable and brown rice as well as an alternate choice. There is enough for everyone, so please help yourself but be mindful of other visitors. *There is at least one meal provided, but we do recommend that you bring one or two small meals for yourself as needed based on your personal nutrition program.

The Flex Lewis Story / Q&A

Flex will kick off the opening segment of each camp sharing his life story along with some of his experiences on the road traveling the world. He will also talk about proper training techniques, off-season and pre-contest. The champ will also discuss nutrition, off-season and pre-contest diet. He will also share posing tips, ways to deal with before and after show stress, how to get ready for a show in terms of tanning, suit and music selection. At the end of the segment, Flex will host an open mic and answer your questions as the seminar continues.

Autographs / Pictures

At designated times throughout the camp, Flex and special guests will be available to sign autographs and take pictures with whoever would like one.

Private Gym

PROJECT FLEX is 100% private and not open to the general public at any time except during the camp experience. There are no memberships available. Please be respectful of this as we do not allow visitors at any time outside of the camps. During the camps, you will be allowed to use the gym to train with Flex. We do not give out the address to the warehouse unless you are attending a camp. The only way to attend a camp is to pre-register during the open sales period. Once the 100 tickets are purchased, that camp is sold out.


There are three airports located near the warehouse: Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Palm Beach International (PBI), and Miami (MIA) is about an hour drive. All of them are close enough to drive to PROJECT FLEX, but Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach are the closest.


After you purchase a ticket you will receive an email with the information for hotel link with group discount and the address to the PROJECT FLEX. The hotel that we have setup PROJECT FLEX group discount rates with are just minutes from the warehouse.

What should you wear?

PROJECT FLEX is located in Boca Raton, FL so the weather is seasonably warm. Dress comfortable and ready to train. We do have separate men’s and women’s locker rooms, but space is limited. Shorts and sneakers are encouraged. Proper footwear is a must. *No open toe shoes will be allowed in the gym.



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